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Together with our friends at Enrollify, Archer Education is bringing you a podcast about attracting and retaining the modern, adult learner. Listen in every other Tuesday this summer for Attention Retention: a six-part series with Angie Mohr, Clayton Dean, and Zach Busekrus.

Episode 6: How To Capture And Keep The Attention Of Today’s Prospective Students

In this episode, Angie, Clayton, and Zach dive into the importance of playing the enrollment long game. Testing & optimizing, plus strategies to help determine which channels to invest in. Listen as they share their approach for reaching today’s adult learners

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About Attention Retention

Attention Retention is a six-part podcast series focusing on attracting, enrolling, and retaining adult learners. This series features Angie Mohr, SVP of Student Engagement, Clayton Dean, SVP of Agency & Partnership Management, and Zach Busekrus from Enrollify. The group explores a new topic on each episode, including the current state of higher education, unique challenges and opportunities of non-traditional learners, how to compete and stand-out amongst national brands, and more.

Attention Retention is created in partnership with Enrollify.

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